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Made in Africa

Simplicity Bespoke Table Linen

With its white-on-white design, the bespoke Simplicity damask tablecloth moves easily from the everyday to the special. It is woven from pure African cotton using the French jacquard weaving technique.

Vorster & Braye

Each piece is made using traditional ceramic techniques, then fired and glazed to produce an object that has the authenticity of the handmade, while still being clean and precise.

Chic Fusion

Take the ancient art of felting and give it a creative, contemporary twist and you’ll have Chic Fusion’s beautiful collection of unique hand-felted vases, vessels, bowls and scatters.

Living Things Creative

These unique and inspiring yet relatable wall art pieces with an urban edge, will beautifully elevate your living spaces while uplifting and empowering local artists and communities.

Wooden Toys

These durable, classic toys are designed to reignite a love for imaginative play and encourage children to explore the world around them.

Ethos brings you a bespoke range of beautiful art, décor and linen that supports and showcases local artists and artisans.

Delight your senses and enhance your home with exquisite local hand-crafted ceramics, unique wire art and sculpture, hand-felted pieces and bespoke table linen that epitomise the vibrant creative spirit of our multicultural land.

Each piece in the our range has been conceptualised and designed by talented local artists, whose creative vision is then translated into reality by skilled artisans based in Africa.

You’ll feel the love and pride these artists have for their home and their art in every unique piece.