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From Summer Chic to Winter Snug: 8 Tips to Transform Your Bedroom

“Since I was young, my mom always bought us the best bed linen,” says renowned interior decorator and fashion stylist, Karin Orzol. “Every year, in May, we’d unpack our cosy winter linen from the linen cupboard, and redecorate for the winter months. This tradition has stuck with me, and I've continued it with enthusiasm throughout my life.” 

With winter underway, Karin loves transitioning her bedroom from a light and airy summer sanctuary to a warm and inviting winter retreat. “As soon as the first cold spell hits, I crave cosiness ASAP,” she says. “I swap out all the summery items in the room and bring in the wintery ones that have been packed away.”

There’s no better time to follow Karin’s lead and give your bedroom a cosy makeover—after all, it’s the room where you recharge and dream big! While a good night’s rest is essential, achieving a great night’s rest is pure luxury.

Here’s how you can create your own chic and cosy winter bedroom:


1. Swap Out Your Scatters

“One of my go-to winter decor tricks on a budget is swapping out scatter cushions,” says Karin. 

Opt for knitted, soft felt, faux fur, and brushed cotton covers to create an instant vibe without breaking the bank. Plus, if you layer blankets and throws, you not only add warmth but also elevate your decor. 


2. Add a Fluffy Rug

Nothing drains cosiness from a bedroom like a bare floor. A rich rug halfway under the bed instantly ups the cosy factor—plus, they’re practical for warmth underfoot.

Selecting the right-size rug for your room is essential for achieving that perfect balance of style and comfort. Avoid rugs that are too small, as they can make the room look disjointed. A rug that’s too large can overwhelm the space. Aim for a size that complements your room’s proportions.


3. Dim the Lights

Karin believes that lighting is everything when it comes to creating that perfect, cosy vibe. First things first, make sure all your lights are on dimmers—it’s a game-changer! 

Bedside lamps should have warm white bulbs. Who wants a harsh, cold light when you could have an inviting glow instead? Overhead and ceiling lights should also be dimmable to instantly up the mood. “It’s one of my favourite makeover tricks,” says Karin.

But installing dimmers can be a bit much if you want a quick upgrade, so why not opt for a chic alternative? Candles! They’re perfect for creating a warm ambiance that’s romantic and relaxing. Ethos Store has a gorgeous selection of candles and accessories that will elevate your space. 


4. Rearrange Your Room

Rearranging your bedroom is a fun, zero-cost way to breathe new life into your space. 

First off, consider placing your bed where it catches the most natural light. This not only makes the room feel brighter but also gives you a sun-soaked spot to relax in. If you have a window with a view, position your bed to face it—waking up to a beautiful scene is a lovely start to the day.

Next, think about seating. Place a comfy chair or a small loveseat near the window to create a reading nook or spot for your morning coffee. Adding a soft, warm throw can make this corner even more inviting.

Don’t forget about accessories! Karin recommends shifting your nightstands, lamps, and dressers to create a balanced, harmonious layout. This not only refreshes the look of your room but also improves the flow.


5. Upgrade Your Bedding

“It’s shocking how many people overlook the magic of quality linen,” says Karin. “Better bedding is a true investment—it lasts longer and makes sleep a blissful experience.”

Crisp white bedding is always a good choice. It’s stylish, classic, and oh-so-timeless. Steer clear of busy, bold prints that can be loud and not exactly calming. Instead, go for solid colours, simple stripes, or subtle floral details. 

“Ethos Store offers some of the finest bed linens around. They get softer with every wash, and the Oxford stitching detail adds a touch of elegance and class. They’re worth the investment,” says Karin.


6. Use Calming Colours 

“Colours can transform the mood in your bedroom! A feature wall, the ceiling, or even a cosy corner can make a dramatic difference,” says Karin.

According to colour psychology, hues have the power to influence your emotions. For instance, blues and greens are calming and can create a serene, peaceful atmosphere that’s perfect for winding down. Soft neutrals like beige and grey also promote relaxation and tranquillity.

This season, why not switch things up from the monochromes of summer? Bring in rich, warm tones with throws and blankets. Think deep burgundy, mustard yellow, and forest green—these colours not only add warmth but also create an inviting feel. 


7. Declutter

Decluttering is a must. While we often associate deep cleaning with spring, why not embrace the concept of winter cleaning? 

“Decompressing in a chaotic space simply doesn't work,” says Karin. Clutter can be mentally exhausting and disrupt the atmosphere you need for relaxation. By ensuring all clothing and shoes are out of sight, you create an open space that promotes calm.

Baskets are a perfect solution for decluttering. Use them to stow away clothes, shoes, or items that tend to accumulate. Not only do they keep your space tidy, but they also add a chic touch to your room.


8. Protect Your Mattress and Pillows

Winter is the ultimate season for snuggling up in bed with your loved ones, whether it’s your kids, your pets, or both! But with all that extra cosiness, spills and stains are bound to happen.

Karin’s answer? Investing in high-quality breathable and waterproof pillow and mattress protectors! These protectors act as a barrier against spills, stains, and any accidents or muddy paws, ensuring your bedding stays fresh and fabulous

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