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Ethos Store Bed LinenTurn your bedroom into a peaceful and rejuvenating sanctuary you love!

While the challenges of 2020 and beyond have summoned unexpected respite, remote living has nudged us to explore new ways to compartmentalise our work-from-home lifestyles. With some inspiration, the bedroom is the perfect place to start.

We spend nearly a third of our time in our bedrooms so it's important to create a nourishing space that allows you to escape your routines and rituals. To endure the long Scandinavian winters, the Danish have adopted ‘hygge’, a mindset or philosophy that celebrates life’s simple pleasures. When it’s time to surrender into slumber, we can learn from the Danish because small comforts really do make all the difference!

From exquisite linen to stylish scatters, our bedroom decorating ideas will effortlessly transform your bedroom into a rejuvenating retreat curated for comfort and solace...

1. Invest in good quality linen

The pace of our modern lifestyles can leave us feeling depleted, yet a few simple tweaks to how you sleep can do wonders for your wellbeing. While seven to eight hours of shuteye is suffice, the quality of your sleep enhances the quality of the time you spend awake! That means no tech at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

To achieve sufficient sleep, give your body and mind the ultimate gift by investing in luxury bedroom linen. There’s nothing more satisfying than climbing into bed after a long day – good quality bedding can go a long way to ensure a comfy night’s rest while adding texture and elegance to your bedroom!

Ethos Store Bed Linen Ethos Store Bed Linen
How can you tell the difference between cheap and good quality linen? While thread count is commonly used to indicate quality, real linen quality comes down

to the quality of the yarn used to make the fabric.

Thread count is the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. It’s calculated by counting the horizontal and vertical threads in one weave. 

If you’re looking for softness and comfort, it’s important to know what the bedlinen is made from and its thread type, or the weave used to form the fabric. The most common weaves are sateen and percale. Sateen is made with cotton and a satin weave, resulting in a smooth texture and glossy sheen. Percale is woven in a criss-cross pattern and has enough threads (from 200 threads and up) to be strong and lasting yet soft and not too thick.

Egyptian Cotton tends to have higher thread counts that other bedlinen and is widely regarded as being more durable, with experts saying it will withstand more washes. Its fibres are longer in length and much stronger. 

When choosing bedlinen, always consider the fabric’s durability, texture and weave.


2. Create luxury with layers

To indulge your cosy bedroom look, don’t skimp on the layers! From the bedding to the pillows, try layering in different fabrics and materials. Texture creates instant warmth – opt for soft, natural linens combined with oversized quilts and throws. The “anytime comforter”, quilts are perfect for cheeky weekend naps and cuddle sessions! 

Ethos Store Bed Linen

For a stylish and snug finish, layer sumptuous throws (ruffled or folded) over your bed. La Porte Blanche’s machine-washable throws are made using the finest natural cotton – choose from a wide range of patterns, textures and sizes.

Styling Tip:

For a touch of decorative style, drape two or three throws over a chaise longue or an occasional chair:
Ethos Store throws Ethos Store throws

3. Embellish with Scatters

You don’t need a full-on bedroom overhaul to solicit some tranquillity! Patterned or plain, a carefully curated selection of scatter cushions adds instant warmth and luxury while creating a striking focal point to your bedroom aesthetic.

What’s the secret to great scatter cushion design? To start, your scatters must complement your bedroom’s colour palette. For a contemporary bedroom, don’t be afraid to combine scatters in different shades and designs. For an eclectic look, mix striped scatters with geometric patterns and Aztec prints. 

For a muted or monochromatic bedroom theme, combine natural fabrics and textures in calming neutral tones with a pop of colour for impact.

Styling Tip: 

When styling a bed, place two larger cushions in the centre to create symmetry, and embellish with mix-and-match scatters.

When it comes to scatter cushions, tactile textures are the best comfort enhancers. Cotton, linen, cotton-knit… the options are endless, so continually edit the look and settle on something you love!


For more tips on how to display scatter cushions, read this article by Garden & Home South Africa.

4. Natural Nuances

Natural materials create instant comfort in a bedroom. Tonal textures – think light to mid-tone greys, beige, stone and earthy browns – provide versatility and the freedom to accessorise liberally with statement scatter cushions and soft furnishings.

Colour sets the mood in your bedroom – light tones create softness while darker hues create contrast and depth. If your soft furnishings are lighter shades, layer rugs in dark durable fabrics to ground the look and bring balance into your bedroom. Don’t forget to add a gorgeous plant for a touch of serenity.

Ethos Store throws Ethos Store throws Ethos Store throws

Creating a warm, inviting experience is all in the soft furnishings. From cosy throws, beautiful linen to soft lighting (we love scented candles!) and scatters galore, spoil yourself to a little bit of luxury and peace come bedtime.  


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